Sunday, March 11, 2012

Shoes Shoes Shoes

just ordered 3 brand new pairs of shoes on my new favourite shopping platform javari :

1st: nice biker boot lookalike with fake fur for cosy walking... love the contrasting of the white & black as well as the robust & fluffyness

2 nd: biker boot no2, in my favourite colour tan... great matching of the buckle with the zipper

and finally 3 rd: this should be a huge shock after the first two shoes are not really matching this one... would'nt have expected this one, would ya?

i already own the adidas top ten low sleek in white - unfortunately, it turned out to be too small
soooo i found this great replacement by sheer coincidence and it really was a bargain!

i'm so excited how these 3 darlings look on my feet

1 comment:

  1. unfortunately, numbers 1 & 2 don't really suit me and my feet (plus the heels are making too much sound) - so they have to go back to where they came from ;)
    however, I'm keeping number 3, which has a lovely colour plus sneakers are always a good investment (cause I don't own too many of them)