Monday, October 15, 2012

Ebay Re-Design

most of you guys might have already recognized the new ebay logo:

it's plain, it's easy, it's modest.
...and boring?

let's have a look way back at ebay's former logo:

it's always a good thing to directly compare things.
well, at first glance it looks like they just put the letters straight and made them have a diet :)
having a closer look, we become aware that they changed the lines of the letter "y" the whole logo kind of an ending, a drive back to the "e", so to say.

maybe ebay wanted to turn its back on the fancy pop-artish abstractism of its old logo and make room for a new adultism.
finally, it's obvious that the new look is more clear, smooth and straight.

so, the new ebay look ist not a complete failure but not a design milestone either (bet, their design team won't win any prizes for that...)    

however, a clear regress and failure are the new icons indeed:

and here's what we used to know and love:

I barely could identify what these new blue-green-greyish symbols should stand for!
would I not know their meaning by heart... ;)

so, my new favorite anti-icon clearly is THE PARCEL - or letter? or backpack? or whatever it should stand for, haha. should work on that again, ebay!

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